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We came into the world of advertising, to create SUPERNAL BEAUTY and benefit.

Our strategy is to provide you as a customer by all types of advertising.

We - your "brand manager". We work so you respon-chyvaly from, what must not be competent, because we are experts in their field, and you - in his own country.

Turning to us, you do not want to think about creating and designing ideas, edited text, graphic production, organization fotosesiy, size-governmental and distribution of promotional materials, etc..

                 You give us a task - we give you the result.

Advise how best expedient to extend the budget for market information about your company, designed for your target audience. Select precisely those kinds of ads that need your activities, because we appreciate your and our time.

Our PHILOSOPHY: Advertising works better the more it attracts attention.

Our TACTIC: advertising attracts attention when it:

     1) affects emotions

     2) is interested

     3) pronounced (not necessarily bright color)

     4) creative

     5) and sometimes brutal ...


non-standard creative ideas and bold solutions.